Migrate an Integration

When developing integrations, Sandbox Banking Solution Engineers utilize separate DEV and PROD environments to write code and test changes before deploying that code to a production environment.

When changes to an integration are ready to be deployed to the PROD environment, Glyue provides two features that facilitate the process:

  • The Migrate page

  • The View Changes page


The Migrate page (pictured below) allows a user to select integrations from a source environment (often, the DEV environment) to be migrated into the destination system (the current logged-in environment, often PROD).

If an integration has multiple changes ongoing, Glyue affords the option to select specific portions of that integration to migrate, rather than migrating the entire integration. This can be useful for deploying smaller fixes while a larger piece of work is still ongoing.

If the whole integration is to be migrated, simply select the integration and click PERFORM MIGRATION.

View Changes

Portions of the integration can be selected by selecting VIEW INCOMING CHANGES . This opens the View Changes page, showing the differences between the incoming (new) integration and the current version of the integration.

Using the Migrate column, you can select the rows you wish to include in the migration. In the example below, four Field Mappings have been selected, while the rest will remain untouched.

By saving the selection of rows in to "Pull Request" using the SAVE AS PR button, then returning to the Migrate page, you can migrate your selection of rows, instead of the whole integration.

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