Admin Components

Global Config

The base configuration for Glyue.

  • Email configuration for reports

  • Storing of request & response payloads to Glyue

Integration Configs

Configures email notifications and data retention. Integration Config

Integration Permissions

User permissions must be set per integration. Options are read, write, execute, and debug. By default, the user who creates the integration has full integration permissions.

  • read — Allows the user to see the contents of the integration, including its Service Requests, Field Mappings, Value Mapping Sets, etc.

  • write — Allows the user to modify any aspect of the integration

  • execute — Allows the user to manually trigger the integration using the Run Integration feature

  • debug — Allows the user to see run histories from past integration runs

Adapter Configurations

Adapter configurations securely store credentials for use with service requests. Please see associated adapter documentation for the correct fields to use.

Adapter Configuration Bindings

The relationship between the integration and adapter configuration. Integrations will use the provided adapter config to make any associated service request calls. This configuration can be overridden within integrations with special variable adapter_config.

Web Service Endpoints

Integrations can be triggered from their HTTP POST method for the integration path_name. This endpoint exposes integrations to be called using all available HTTP verbs at use-defined paths. See details at Web Service Endpoints.

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