Field Mapping Comments

As we explored in Field Mapping Status, you can mark each Field Mapping with a simple status such as Needs Testing or Not Used. But sometimes the other Status options won't capture needed details or you'll need a dialogue specific to a Field Mapping. This is where Comments come in.

For Change Requested, the changes you want to make can be detailed in a Comment.

For In Progress, you can add notes indicating what your organization needs to do to progress with this particular Field Mapping.

For Waiting for Support, you can detail what support you're waiting for -- often this is simply a question about a field to be mapped or about the mapping logic in the template for that Field Mapping

Comments are the furthest left column in any Build Page

Comments have several properties, they have a subject, a body, a URL field, and resolved status. Also to the left is a button to create new comments as each Build Page row (a Field Mapping in our case) can have several Comments associated with it

The Comments icon will indicate how many Comments there are for a Field Mapping and how many are resolved. The icon will be dark gray if there are no Comments, red if there are any unresolved Comments, and green if there are Comments and all of them are resolved.

For the final exercises, go ahead and open a Bookmark of your choice. You can pick up where you left off from the exercises in Field Mapping Status

  1. Click on the Comment icon to bring up the Comment window as pictured above

  2. Write "Hello world" in the subject (or anything you like)

  3. Write "This is my first comment" or anything you like in the Content area

  4. Click "Submit"

Congratulations, you've written your first comment!

You can also tag other Glyue users in your comments. Let's create another comment and tag another user:

  1. Start a new comment per Steps 1 through 3 above.

  2. Type the @ symbol, a dropdown will appear of other users you can add

  3. Select another user from the dropdown, this will autocomplete the user's name when selected:

  4. Click "Submit" to save the Comment

Tagging another user will let them know you've mentioned them. If anyone has mentioned you in a Comment, you'll see a number in a red circle above the notification icon:

You can view and clear notifications by clicking on the icon:

Users may also be emailed notifications, this depends on the notification preferences which can be found in Settings:

On your profile, you can click Communication Preferences where you can Disable or Enable email notifications:

Finally, let's resolve our new comments

  1. Open any of the Comments you just created

  2. Switch the Resolved toggle:

  3. When you exit the Comment, you should see the icon update:

Comments with questions or requests will be addressed in the Mapping phase after Pre-Mapping is complete. When they are fulfilled, this is how the Comment will be marked as being completed.

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