Field Mapping



relationship - required

The service request that the field mapping belongs to.


relationship - optional

The valuemappingset to apply to the value.


integer - required

Order in which the field mappings associated with the service request will execute.


string - required

Skeleton for the input payload you want to send as the service request. These correspond to dictionary like keys for Flex objects.


string - required

Value to applied to the given field value.


string - required

Typecast to perform on non-null values


boolean - optional

Code block to return a boolean value.


iterable - optional

Specifies an iterable. Service will run for each item within the iterable. Resolves before the include_if block.


boolean - required

Indicator for if the value can be set to null.


string - optional

Replaces the sritem with specified string.

Documentation Fields

  • target_record_type

  • target_field_name

  • source_record_type

  • source_field_name

Additional Information:


The value type field serves dual purposes:

  1. Validation

  2. Type casting

Consider a fieldmapping where at integration runtime the value evaluates to the string “5.0”:

If the value_type is “float” then we convert that value to a float before passing it on. If the value_type is "dict" then we would raise an exception If the value_type is "str" then we would pass the value along unmodified.

Note that the validation functionality is pretty limited - if your value_type was “str” for example just about any value would be converted and not throw an error, even if your value was a float or a dictionary.

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