We use Bookmarks to group Field Mappings by category. We compare the Source and Target from the integration framework and change the Status to indicate that it has been reviewed. Comments are used to add further details during the Pre-Mapping Process.

Pre-Mapping is considered complete when EVERY Field Mapping Status has been transitioned from Not Started to Needs Testing, Not Used, Waiting for Support, or Change Requested


Q: What if the template doesn't have a field mapping for a field I use? A: Use your Help Center to let your Solution Engineer know and they will add it!

Q: Does every Field Mapping need a comment? A: No, they don't. But Comments help add context for the In Progress and Waiting for Support Statuses that will make the Mapping Phase run smoother

Q: How much information should I provide during the Pre-Mapping Stage? A: As much as possible! The more information you provide during the Pre-Mapping stage, the quicker your Solution Engineer can go during the Mapping stage. Put any additional information in a Comment on the Field Mapping

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