What is Glyue?

The best integration builder for banking!

Glyue is a low-code iPaaS for building and running banking integrations. Banks, credit unions, fintechs, and system integrators use the platform to quickly connect bank and credit union software.

The platform can build/host web service APIs, batch ETL jobs, file/document transfer workflows, and event-triggered pub/sub integrations (e.g. web hooks, Kafka streaming data pipelines).

Glyue offers several advantages over generic integration platforms:

  • Numerous built-in adapters for banking-specific systems like core processors, loan origination systems, deposit application systems, CRMs, KYC/AML providers, etc.

  • Extensive catalog of reference implementations (i.e. pre-built integrations) for common integration use-cases like loan booking, deposit origination, IVR/IVA interaction, banking as a service (BaaS) APIs, bulk CRM loading, bulk data mart loading, customer 360 APIs, loan renewals/mods, core processor customer/account maintenance, etc. Once imported, these integrations can be customized or extended to fit a specific institution's needs.

  • Convenient UI for specifying integration logic like outbound service requests, field mappings, validation rules, etc. Its UX/DX is familiar to those experienced with Excel.

  • Security, compliance, and reporting features specific to the banking and credit union industries.

While the platform offers the speed and convenience of low-code mapping, the full power of Python and its ecosystem is available within Glyue. Consequently, developers are never limited by the platform's built-in functionality.

Our team at Sandbox Banking is always trying to improve our documentation! If you're an existing customer, we welcome you to provide feedback or suggestions via your Glyue Help Center. If you're a prospective user or customer, please feel free to send us an email at sales@sandboxbanking.com with suggestions, questions, or concerns.

We hope you love your Glyue integration journey!

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