The Bookmarks Page is where you'll find the set of bookmarks for your organization. Much like the bookmarks in your browser, Bookmarks in Glyue are simply a link to a specific location in Glyue. Bookmarks can point to any URL, but they typically will point to a particular set of Field Mappings in Glyue's Build page for Pre-Mapping.

A given integration framework will often encompass hundreds of Field Mappings. Bookmarks are a way to group them by category into manageable collections. Examples of such categories typically grouped into Bookmarks are addresses, interest rate fields, or collateral details. By having each Bookmark focus on a particular business function or category, the Pre-Mapping and Mapping phases can progress more quickly and efficiently.

Each Integration template will have a set of Bookmarks for the integration and new ones can be added as needed later.

In this part of the tutorial, we'll open the Bookmarks page and view its contents.

  1. Log into Glyue

  2. Click on Bookmarks to navigate to its page which will look something like this (NOTE: the specific sections for your integration may vary). This page lists the Bookmark Sections; a Section is a specific collection of Bookmarks grouped by a common category:

  3. To the left of each Section with the folder icon is a triangle to expand the view. To the right are buttons for editing and adding new Bookmarks which will be explored another time. Click on any of the Sections to expand its contents.

  4. Each Bookmark for the Section will be listed here with a title/link, description, and tabulation of total rows, comments, and rows whose comments are resolved. Click on one of the links to view its Field Mapping(s). You'll know you've reached the Field Mapping portion of the Build Page if the Component dropdown in the upper left has Field Mapping selected.

Suppose you don't see Field Mapping in the Component menu. In that case, you can go back to Step 4 and select another Bookmark (The Sandbox Banking Project Manager or Solutions Engineer can assist if you have trouble identifying the correct Bookmark(s)). Any time you want to go to a particular Field Mapping, you can repeat the steps outlined above.

There are typically hundreds of Field Mappings across different objects or record types for a given integration. The purpose of Bookmarks in the Pre-Mapping phase is to break down all of these Field Mappings into manageable groups for a particular category or object.

That concludes this part of the Pre-Mapping Tutorial.

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