Field Mapping Status

Since the goal of Pre-Mapping is to review each of the Field Mappings, the Status column is where we are going to mark each Field Mapping to signify that it's been reviewed. The objective is simply to take a first pass at the Field Mappings which doesn't mean they have to be fully approved or worked out. If you don't understand a particular Field Mapping, there's a Status option to mark it as such and you can revisit it in the Mapping phase with your Solution Engineer.

Here's a list of the different Status Options:

  • Not Started - This is the default Status which means the Field Mapping has NOT been reviewed

  • Not Used - This means the Field for the Target System isn't used at all and this Field Mapping isn't necessary

  • Change Requested - This means your team is requesting that this Field Mapping be mapped differently, either to a different Target Field or from a different Source Field (or even if additional logic is needed)

  • In Progress - This means your organization uses this Field Mapping but needs to decide how it should be mapped to fit your business purposes

  • Waiting for Support - This means you have questions or you're unsure of how to move forward with this Field Mapping and you need assistance from our team

  • Waiting for Customer - Our team will use this when we answer one of your questions or have further questions for your team

  • Needs Testing - This means you believe this Field Mapping to be correct but that it needs testing before being ready for production.

  • Approved - This means that mapping is complete and the Field Mapping has been fully tested and is ready for production. NOTE: This status will not be used until the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase.

Pre-Mapping is complete when EVERY Field Mapping Status has been transitioned from Not Started to Needs Testing, Not Used, Waiting for Support, or Change Requested

Some Clarifications:

  • Changing a Field Mapping's Status doesn't mean you have to take immediate action on it, you're just marking it for now so that all the Field Mappings that need to be actioned will be collated for a more efficient Mapping phase

  • The difference between Change Requested and Waiting for Support is that Change Requested means you know how the field should be mapped and are waiting on our team to implement and Waiting for Support means you have questions about the Field Mapping for our team that you need answered to understand and decide how it should be mapped

  • The difference between In Progress and Waiting for Support is that In Progress means it's your organization's action to decide how to move forward and Waiting for Support puts the Field Mapping in our team's court to answer any questions

For the following exercises, you can pick up where you left off from Bookmarks or follow the steps in Source and Targets to open up the Field Mappings for any Bookmark.

  1. Find a very basic Field Mapping with "First Name" in the Source Field Name and "First Name" in the Target Field Name. If you need help from the Solutions Engineer assigned to your project, they'll be happy to help. If your integration isn't for personal entities, feel free to select the appropriate name field for an organization entity.

In most cases, fields like First Name, Last Name, or Organization Name should be straightforward. Verify that this field from the Source System should arrive in the Target System corresponding to the Field Mapping.

  1. If you agree with the Field Mapping, change the Status to Needs Testing

  2. Now, look down the list of Target Field Names and try to find a field in your Target System that you don't use at all.

  3. Update that Status to Not Used

We are only going to focus on Needs Testing or Not Used for this portion of the tutorial. For the other Statuses, we're going to use Field Mapping level Comments to communicate questions or changes as part of the Change Requested, In Progress, Waiting for Customer, and Waiting for Support Statuses.

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