What is Pre-Mapping?

Pre-Mapping is the first project phase after Project Kick Off in which the is reviewed.

The integration template is a prepopulated set of field mappings from one specific system to another. Likely many will fit your business process, but you will need to adjust others to fit your business process. The purpose of Pre-Mapping is to approve template mappings that fit your business process and flag the others that need to be changed.

Pre-Mapping differs from the Mapping phase in that it's strictly a review of the template at the Field Mapping level. You will approve Field Mappings that align with your business process. If a Field Mapping does not align with your business process, or you're not sure, you can mark it accordingly and add a comment to be reviewed during Mapping.

Changes to mapping logic are not made during Pre-Mapping-- the fields that are not approved during Pre-Mapping are handled during the Mapping Phase.

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