Build a Basic Integration

This tutorial aims to guide a first-time Glyue user through the process of building a real integration, step by step, from start to finish. This integration will take an email address as input, then query the Hacker News API for articles, and finally email a list of article URLs to the provided address.

Upon completion of the tutorial, the reader will understand:

  • integrations, as well as how to build one,

  • how to use the Admin site to configure Glyue components,

  • how to validate the data that passes through Glyue,

  • how to visualize that data at every step,

  • how to trigger integrations,

and more generally, the awesome power of Glyue!

The reader will need the following before starting:

  • A Glyue user account with admin privileges

  • A Gmail/Google account

  • A basic understanding of JSON and HTTP (helpful but not 100% required)

  • Basic skills in the Python programming language (helpful but not 100% required)

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