A Glyue user's permissions a governed by three concepts:

User Type

PageStandard UserStaff User



Run History


Swagger API






View Changes




Admin (settings)


A Standard Glyue user account is appropriate for everyday users who are involved in the building, maintenance, or monitoring of integrations.

A Staff Glyue user is equivalent to a system administrator. These users have access to additional pages, notably the Invite page, which allows them to invite additional Standard and Staff users into Glyue, and the Admin page, which controls settings for the Glyue environment.

User Permissions

Both Standard and Staff users can have their abilities augmented by being granted permissions specific to a particular action. These permissions must be granted by a member of Sandbox staff — reach out to for help.

Integration Permissions

Each user — both Standard and Staff — must be explicitly granted permission to access integrations. This must be done for each integration. Typically this is handled by your Sandbox Solution Engineer — reach out to for help.

Integrations come with four separate permission types: Read, Write, Execute, and Debug. Details on these can be found here.

Group Permissions

Groups may have additional permissions granted to them. Any member of the group automatically receives these permissions when they become a member of a group, and the permissions are revoked if the user is removed from the group.

Permissions granted through a group are only additive to any existing permissions a user has.

Groups and Group Permissions are typically managed by Sandbox — reach out to for help.

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