Web Service Endpoints

Configuration reference for non-default HTTP(S) integration API paths and verbs

Glyue supports building web services that execute integrations via user-defined URL paths and methods. Among other use cases, these admin components allow for the construction of traditional RESTful web services as explained in the Build a RESTful CRUD Web Service guide.

IMPORTANT CAVEAT: Only URL paths starting with /api/ or /rest/ are currently possible.


NameExample Value (s)Description


q2/apps, fiserv-dna

Specifies the endpoint's URL path following the initial /api/ or /rest/ root fragment.


Get, Post, Put, Patch, Delete

Specifies the HTTP method (sometimes called a "verb") used for calling the API. Limited to the example values shown here.


api, rest

Specifies the endpoint URL's root path fragment. As stated above, all configured web service endpoints must currently be hosted at a URL path starting with either /api/ or /rest/.


retrieve_q2_applications, create_fiserv_dna_customer

Integration to be executed. Value is selected from the list of integrations currently existing in the Glyue environment.


Retrieves applications from Q2 Gro online deposit opening system

Description of the web service endpoint.

Response content type

application/json, application/html, text/xml, text/html, application/soap+xml

Specifies the integration response type.

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