Onboard New Users

Admin Steps

Admin accounts can navigate to the Invite page to create new users.

Information required for the new user are the email, username & the platform permission level.

Select permission level access for each integration for the user.

Once the Save and Invite Users button is pressed, an email will be sent to the new users with a sign-up link to the platform.

Usernames and Emails provided must be unique

Extend User Invitation

User Invites are valid for 5 days. If a given user does not login during that time their invite will expire and need to be manually extended. To extend navigate to the Signup codes on the Admin page.

Find the code with the matching email and set the expiration date to sometime in the future and save the changes.

User Steps

First sign-in

Users can access their newly created account via the email invitation. Upon first entry a user will be required to set their new password and validate the email the invite was received from.

Glyue Tour

Users will then be given an intro tour to for the relevant pages within Glyue. The tour can be cancelled at anytime by exiting the popups.

Restarting the tour

If a User wants to revisit the tour, they can do so by going to the profile in the top right and clicking restart tour

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