JumpCloud Setup

Before continuing, this user should be a JumpCloud admin for the organization, and a SAML Config must be created in the Glyue Environment.

Create the Glyue SSO Application in JumpCloud

From the JumpCloud dashboard, select SSO from the left-hand navbar and click the Add New Application button.

At the bottom of the page, click the Custom SAML App button.

Provide a Display Label. We recommend something like Glyue DEV, Glyue PROD, etc. Provide a Description if desired.

Provide Glyue’s SAML Metadata to JumpCloud

Click the SSO tab.

The Glyue environment SAML metadata will be required for the next step.

Glyue always serves its metadata at https://[domain]/sso/saml2/metadata/. If this user is also a Glyue administrator, the metadata URL will be displayed on the Admin site under SAML Configs.

Click the Upload Metadata button and upload the metadata provided by Glyue.

Provide a custom IdP Entity ID. Any unique value will do.

Add Users

On the User Groups tab users/groups can be assigned to the application. Only assigned users/groups will be able to authenticate with Glyue via JumpCloud.

Add the desired users/groups for the organization. This can also be done later.

Activate the SSO App

Click Activate at the bottom of the screen.

Back in Configured Applications, select the new SSO App and click Export Metadata.

An XML file should be downloaded. This file will be needed on the Glyue side in order to add JumpCloud as an IdP, which is the last step. If not a Glyue admin, please provide this file to a Sandbox Banking employee.


Don’t forget to assign users or groups to the new application- otherwise they won’t be able to authenticate with Glyue via SSO.

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